Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | August 29, 2009

The First Blog

Although I have been writing articles, books, and sharing Internet messages for what seems like most of my adult life, this is my first blog.  It is humbling to think that someone might be interested in or gain some insights into daily living from my musings.  I hope to earn this trust in the months and years to come.

As you can discern from the Inner Journey website, my focus is mystical in nature.  Mysticism has gotten a bad rap through the years.  Hollywood usually aligns it with the occult.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Mysticism has deep spiritual roots that can best be described as oneness with God.

A person who is mystically inclined seeks to live in conscious oneness with the presence and power God is.  For many years this has been my quest.  It is gratifying to know that others are journeying with me.

And so this blog will tell the tale of the inner journey.  It will be a journal of sorts.  I will reveal some of my deepest thoughts and struggles.  Prayer/meditation are my primary tool, but so is life itself.  Insights come about one’s true nature and divinity as well as the role one’s humanity plays in this journey.

There is much to share, but let this journey not be one-sided.  I want to learn from your journey as well.  If there is any fundamental truth, it is that we are in this together.

In Love I Journey With You,




  1. Jim,

    What a wonderful message of mysticism!

    In Love I Journey With You.


  2. Oh thank you Jim. A good thing it is to read a blog that I truly am interested in.

    Hello to Nancy as well.

  3. Great web page, Jim & Nancy, I’ looking forward to keeping in touch through your blog.

  4. Hi Jim! I’ve never had an interest in reading a blog before… so much trivial, surface stuff. But, yours, sharing the essence of everyday mystical experience along the path of knowing God, could not be more meaningful. Thank you from a grateful member of your spiritual family. Blessings to you and Nancy, always. Anna

  5. Hi Jim and Nancy! Steve and I just returned from the magnificent mountains of Western NC. where we’ve been discussing Ms. Evelyn Underhill’s book on Mysticism. We’ve calendared the trip to Israel in April and look forward to journeying with you!…Much love, Debbie

  6. Hi Jim! Your words have inspired and enlightened me for many years through your daily emails. I am thrilled to know that I can now read your blog, as well! Thank you for the many insights you share that guide me on my inner journey!

  7. Hello Jim and Nancy! I too have never been on a blog before–but what an opportunity to share ideas with mystically minded Friends of God! I look forward to sharing with you and many others. Thanks for all you do. Brenda

  8. Congratulations on your entering, every more deeply, into the WEB: that W-onderfully E-nlightened B-eing! I look forward to journeying into inner space with you. In Love and Light, Sandra

  9. Our “Gathering” at Unity Kitchener has traveled with you and Nancy through “A Closer Walk With God” and are now coming together once a month to share your wisdom in “The End Of The End Times”. We are ordering your entire series of talks – what a great gift you bring to us and what a wonderful opportunity for our “Gathering” to meet and travel along our spiritual paths.
    Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you at the Spiritual Leadership workshop in November.
    Diane Everest – Pray Team Liaison Unity Kitchener

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