Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | September 13, 2009

Blog #2 More Vast Than The Universe

And so we have begun.  I am a blogger now, but I remain what I have always been, an explorer of the kingdom of God, more vast than the cosmos and centered in the midst of me…and in the midst of you.

The known universe is a big neighborhood.  We are told it spans over 14 billion light years.  That’s light traveling at 186,000 miles be second for what we would call 14 billions years.  Imagine something more vast than this universe centered in each of us.  Is it any wonder that I call myself an explorer.  Boredom is not an option, nor is it possible!

In the previous blog, I mentioned that prayer/meditation is my primary tool for the inner journey.  There are undoubtedly numerous definitions for each of these words, but I use them interchangeably.  You see, for me, the purpose of prayer/meditation is the same-conscious oneness with God.  There must be hundreds of prayer/meditation practices and I utilize many of them, but I have found that the practices simply prepare me to wait.  It is not what I do, but what “Spirit does” when I am waiting in an atmosphere of trust and humility that enables me to catch a glimpse of the vastness of the kingdom.  Imagine an explorer who spends most of his time waiting. That’s me!  But then once the waiting ends, the living begins.


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