Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 4, 2009

Fearless Explorer

This past week has been a joy and a wonder.  Our granddaughter, Kenley Christine, spent a week with us while our son, Jamie, and our daughter-in-law, Sara went on a deserved vacation.

We are a little tired now, but we had a great week.  Spending time with an eight month old child is illuminating, for you catch a glimpse of the true nature of every human being.

Two things stood out for me.  Kenley is an explorer.  Often I have said that I am an explorer of the kingdom of God, a kingdom more vast than the cosmos and centered in the midst of us.  Watching Kenley and following her on her expeditions, help me to remember that we are made for exploration…all of us.  When we fail to explore and push back the horizon’s of our lives, we fail to express our true nature.

Secondly, I discovered that Kenley is fearless.  If we would have let her, she would have plunged off the sofa on an attempt to get on the floor and crawl off on one of her expeditions.  Imagine what it is to live fearlessly.  Most of our personal and global problems are rooted in fear.  Our true nature is fearless.  The reason—we are spiritual beings, and there is no earthly thing that can harm us.

Dear friend, consider these things.  You are a fearless explorer.

In Love I Journey With You,
Jim Rosemergy



  1. really enjoying your blogs!

  2. I had Linda put me on your e-mail list again and today was the first day! What a nice surprise to see a picture of my dear friends and to find that you now have a blog!! How cool is that!
    I’m still uncerain of future plans but looking forward to my new adventure, whatever it might be.
    Love you and miss you! hugs!

  3. I’ve often heard people exclaim “Oh my God” – about all kinds of things. From appreciating a surprise birthday party to a new paint job on the kitchen walls, OMG is everywhere. What if we really consciously meant it, and realized that it is God come to us as our Good. Thank you, Jim and Nancy, for sharing your quantum-leap inducing ideas!

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