Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 15, 2009

Blog #4 Questions

Let today’s blog be a diversion from some of our recent explorations.  I love questions.  In fact, silly questions or seemingly unanswerable questions invite revelation.  Our willingness to entertain such a question can cause our souls to soar.

Recently, I was talking to some children.  In interacting with children it is important to constantly call them to remain as children.  The logical days of adulthood are coming and the world needs adults who have retained their childlike nature.

I was asking the children about sounds.  What sound does a crow make?  What sound does a pirate make?  What sounds does a monkey make?  Then I asked about the sound of butterfly wings in flight?  And what sound does the rising sun make?  If the sun could speak what would be its first word or words when it creates the day?  And finally, I asked about the sound of God’s voice.  Are you childlike enough to answer these questions?



  1. Bless you, Jim and Nancy. Your Inner Journey website is a GREAT help to me on my quest to be spiritually mature. How ironic it is that children, with thier highly tuned sense of wonder, adventure, curiosity and fearless sense of faith in life could be our model for becoming mature.

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