Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 29, 2009

Become A Watcher

Probably more people have turned their back upon prayer/meditation because of the wandering mind than for another other reason.  The mind meanders like a butterfly moving from flower to flower, and we assume we have failed, that we are not meant for this part of the inner journey.

Dear friend, are you not destined to be conscious of the Creator?  Are you not destined to be able to live your life from an awareness of all the goodness, love, power, and wisdom in the cosmos?  Of course, you are.  And, in fact, the thoughts, feelings, and images that rise up during our reflective times are not the enemy; they are friend, not foe.

The key is non-resistance.  We actually first learn non-resistance in the recesses of the mind.  Begin your prayer/meditation with relaxation, perhaps watching your breath.  Let the thoughts, feelings, and images come.  Observe them.   How else will you discover what is moving within you?  Sometimes we are so engaged in what we do that we are unaware of what we think, feel, and imagine.

No matter the nature of your interior world, observe it.  Become a watcher.  If you experience disturbing thoughts, feelings, or images you might want to work with six simple words: It is…God is…I am.  The thought (feeling or image) is not good or bad.  It is simply a thought.  It is.  This helps us become detached.  Remember, we are watchers at this point in the journey.

Watch with me for a time, work with these ideas in the coming week, and in our next blog I will share another idea that I hope will support your inner journey.


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