Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 12, 2009

Beyond Healing

Recently, my thoughts turned to healing.  It is a predictable turn when one is dealing with a healing issue.  Don’t you love how life tends to pull you deeper into the kingdom of God?  The rub, of course, is that we don’t always view a challenge as a call to deepen our relationship with God or to expand our awareness of ourselves and how the universe works.

One of the great puzzles of spirituality is non-resistance.  We are told to resist not evil.  As you know, humanity has not always heeded this advice.  Resistance and destruction are and remain humanity’s approach to the problem of what we call evil.

I am wondering if there is an application of this principle in the arena of human need called healing.  We may not actually use the term, but cancer could be labeled evil.  It does threaten our earthly existence, and many things that can put an end to our presence here are termed evil.

Following humanity’s tendency toward resistance and destruction, medical procedures usually attempt to destroy cancer cells.  We cut them out, poison them, or radiate them.  Undoubtedly, there are times when we can justify such actions, but if these radical steps are the only action, we miss the mark.

Aren’t cancer cells, cells that have forgotten their mission and nature?  They no longer function as they were designed to function.  Their sole purpose becomes survival, and so they multiply at a furious rate.  All their processes are focused on this action.  They act out of fear.

A person who does “evil” deeds is likewise one who has forgotten his nature.  It seems to me that the person’s transformation lies not in destruction, but in remembering.  If only the cell could remember its purpose.  If only the person inclined to hate could remember that he is a spiritual being and that his nature is love?

The question I am asking myself in the arena of healing is: how can I help the cells remember.  How can I help a person filled with hate return to his true nature?  Here is what I am doing.

First, there will be no attempt on my part to destroy.  In other words, I will create no fear.  Secondly, the heart of my “actions” must be love.  It is love that can turn an abused child from anger and rage.  Love and non-resistance help us remember.  The cells of the body must be told that they have nothing to fear.  There is intelligence within them and communication can take place.  Perhaps we must be willing to “risk our lives,” so others might live.



  1. I so appreciate your ability to think outside the box. I have been a cancer survivor for over 11 years, and have never thought of loving those cells with non-resistant thoughts. Although I am still trying to actually wrap my brain around the concept, I thank you for your always-refreshing and thought-provoking ideas.

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