Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 20, 2009

More Love

I am thinking once more about the central tool of the inner journey╤prayer and meditation.  In the ministry where I serve, we have begun to practice more unguided meditation.  This means more Silence.  There are a number of ways to pursue this next step in group prayer and meditation.

The time of reflection can be completely unguided (each person is on his/her own) or at the beginning of the time of Silence the group can agree on an area of focus.  For instance, the people present can anchor their prayer/meditation experience with six words: It Is; God Is; I Am.  Or attention can be given to the idea: I am an expression of the life God is.  The possibilities and ways of approaching this are literally infinite.

Recently, we shared such an experience at an evening prayer/meditation time.  Afterwards I shared the following idea with those present.  If you are displeased with your inability to stay focused on the agreed statement, you need more love in your time of prayer and mediation.

One of the important discoveries of the inner journey is that in our times of Silence we learn compassion.  We are compassionate with ourselves, loving and accepting of ourselves whether we are able to remained focused during our quiet time or not.

The fact is that as we give ourselves to this way of life, there will be many times that seem unproductive, but it is during these times when we plant the seeds enabling us to truly live a spiritual life.  We are gentle with ourselves and from the gentleness a more compassionate person is born.  It starts at home╔in the Silence╔with ourselves.  If you are condemning yourself in any way, you need more love and acceptance in your times of prayer and meditation.


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