Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 3, 2009


At some point in our lives, most of us ask why we exist; why do we have being. We usually think in terms of our daily lives and the activities and events that typically preoccupy us, but in our quieter, more reflective moments, we wonder if our purpose for being might transcend the world.   Most of us wonder if anything we do actually matters.

During these reflective time, we sometimes sense a deeper purpose that is not of this world, but one that can impact our lives and the lives of others.  If we were merely flesh and blood here for a time and then gone for the remainder of eternity, an earthly purpose would be sufficient.  We sow our seeds, we give birth to children and the race continues.  We have done our part.  But what if we are spiritual beings, eternal and able to have the Creator express Itself through us?

I believe this is our purpose.  We are created so the Creator can express Its divine nature in and through and as the Creation.  The question is how do we participate in this grand purpose.  How does the Creator express Itself through us, as us?  The way is established, but before we can walk this path, we must discover the trailhead.

It seems to me that a wise Creator would establish not one way, but many paths through which It can express Itself.  Here are a few possibilities for your consideration.

1. It is said that where two or three people come together for a spiritual purpose, something greater than the two or three is released into the world.  Find another person who shares the possibility of Spirit expressing Itself through him or her and set this as your purpose, and you will find great power released from within the two or three that are gathered.

2. Seek to help another person in even the simplest way, and a power will flow from within you to aid the one you seek to serve, and as it flows, you, too, will be blessed.

3. Get up when you have fallen down.  Refuse to quit and an avenue of divine power and possibilities will rise with you.

Dear friend, simply give Spirit an opportunity to express Itself, and God will be made flesh.  Here is a simple example.  Recently, we have trained Love In Action team members so they can do two things: prayer verbally with others and write prayerful, supportive letters in response to a prayer need.

At first, this was frightening to those who sought to serve.  They wondered what to say or write.  Feelings of inadequacy rose up and such feelings naturally occur when we think we must do a thing.  We intuitively know we cannot do the work, for it is God’s to do through us.  And so we give ourselves to the training and then give ourselves to God knowing that our willingness to pray with another or to write a prayerful letter is an invitation to Spirit.  There may be no God who answers our ego-centered prayers, but there is a God who will pour Itself through us when we afford Spirit the opportunity.  Why?  Because for this purpose we were made.


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