Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 12, 2009

A New Law of Mind Action

The well-spring that is Spirit is deep.  Ideas we have lived with and proven time and time again can be seen differently, and the new insights can lead us deeper into the kingdom of God and reveal a new way of living.  Fundamental to the metaphysical approach to life is the Law of Mind Action: Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.  The usual interpretation of the implications of this law is that thoughts manifest themselves as our life experience.  There is certainly some truth to this, but the Law of Mind Action says nothing about manifestation in our three dimensional world.

The law states that if you hold thoughts in your mind additional thoughts will be generated.  Like begets like.  Thoughts generate more thoughts of a similar kind.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  These collective thoughts often become attitudes and beliefs.  At this point, they are within us and not yet in the world, but they do color our vision.  These attitudes and beliefs become a glass through which we see everything—ourselves, God, other people, situations, etc.  It is at this point that manifestation begins, but its first work is in us rather than the world.

If you believe this is true, you will look within yourself rather than the world to see the Law of Mind Action in action.  Sensitivity to our interior world we will discover is more important to our ability to see changes in the outer world.  Why?  Because we don’t live on earth; our home is a place of thoughts, feelings, and images.



  1. hi, jim and nancy. a lot has happened since i last saw you. just found your web site, thanks for comments on law of mind action. my thoughts exactly. may God continue to pour itself iin and through you into our world. thanks. love, analea r.

    • Good to hear from you. Thanks for the supportive statement. We are exploring as always.
      Have a great holiday season.

      In Love We Journey With You,
      Jim and Nancy

  2. What a great explanation of The Lw of Mind Action. This I can agree with. Blessings

    • It is always a good thing to look at our “old friends such as the Law of Mind Action in new ways.

      Jim and Nancy

  3. Well said ..i love this post

    • Thanks and many blessings,
      Jim and Nancy

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