Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 7, 2010


At the heart of my life is revelation.  My faith in God is not rooted in scientific discoveries, the insights of the church fathers, or dogmas and creeds, but in a personal experience of God’s presence.

If our faith and our lives are to be genuine, if we are to live and act with authority, we must experience truth personally.  Don’t tell me your truth.  Instead, show me the path I must walk.  Show me where you found it.  Walk beside me if you like, but allow me to haul myself over the burdens I have placed in my path.  Encourage me, tell me that I have within me all the resources necessary to walk the path, but let me walk it.

This way of life makes me an explorer.  I have said to you before that I am an explorer of the kingdom of heaven, more vast than the cosmos and centered in the midst of me.  I love exploring new ideas and testing their meddle in the crucible and fire of daily life.

Humanity is fed by exploration. We ventured on uncharted waters when many thought the earth was flat.  People have died journeying into space, but most of us would stand in line for the opportunity to see the earth from high above.  There is much to explore in the universe, but the greatest mysteries still remain within us.

How does a man endure decades of hardship and brutality in prison and emerge as a voice of reconciliation for his nation?  Nelson Mandela did this.  Why is one person willing to give his life for another when we are told that the strongest force active in us is personal survival?  What happens in the heart of an individual once filled with thoughts of revenge who is now willing to forgive and extend a hand of friendship to the one who created so much pain and suffering?

Events such as these are not aberrations.  They are what we are capable of.  Let us explore such things.  Imagine what would happen is we turned our inquisitive minds toward such questions.  Imagine a race of beings that was truly interested in such discoveries.  If we were such a race of beings, where would the discoveries lead us?



  1. This is so inspiring. I’m grateful for your willingness to share your insights, and show me the path.
    Sandra Hopper

  2. I so agree and know that all I truly know of God is the experience I have had of the presence. I was in the audience when you recorded “A Closer Walk With God” I was touched so deeply I did not want to speak or do anything to break the sacredness of the space that I entered while listening to you. Thank you for being a touchstone to the sacred for me in my Unity experience. In later years,2000, after my Unity minister husband died of cancer and I lost my trust and faith for a time, it was listening to the tapes of this class again that helped see clearly what I was hungering for. I am about to close the door on my many years with Unity even though I am a LUT. I visit your website and find a beacon of light. I have signed up for the Inner Journey emails and will continue to visit your website.
    Many times I have wanted to write to you and have not done so. Thank you for being the wise teacher and minister you are.

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