Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 16, 2010


Since humanity first began to consider the mind of God, we have assumed that God is all-knowing.  This divine insight is believed to include the future. Throughout the course of our lives, God knows what is going to happen and what each of us is going to do and the decisions we are going to make.  This belief tends toward fatalism. Our lives are predestined, and there is nothing we can do about it.  Many of us are uncomfortable with such conclusions and puzzled by this interpretation of the all-knowing mind of God.

We do not know the future.  Is it possible that God’s wisdom does not include what is yet to be?  Is divine insight limited by the present moment?  Does God stand at the threshold of tomorrow with as much anticipation and expectancy as we do?  Such questions lead us to reconsider our understanding of God’s nature.  There is a part of us that can hardly bear the idea of limiting God’s vision, but perhaps the seemingly limited look ahead is part of the farsighted divine plan.

Such thoughts cause me to wonder.  Is God the author of events or does God create possibilities?  I am beginning to believe that God stands at the threshold of tomorrow with great expectancy.  The Creator has created possibilities and placed them in our hands.  Nothing is predestined except for the truth that tomorrow is in our hands.  God has created the possibilities; we, through the God-ordained creative process, determine what will come into being.  Amazingly, there are even belief systems that say each possibility actually does come into being.  I wonder…

What would your life be like if you knew in advance everything that would happen to you, everything you would do, everything that you would see, hear, and feel?  I think I can predict the feeling experienced by such a person—boredom.  We may think that knowing the future would bring security, but it is more likely that it would bring a life devoid of joy.

Instead, consider a life of possibilities.  Is this not what you have been given?  You do not know what lies ahead, nor does the all-knowing mind of God extend to future events.  The mind of God knows what is possible and waits in joyous expectation as you enter the creative process and select one of God’s many possibilities.



  1. This entry i believe is exciting and goes well w. my developing mode of living only thru

    CONSCIOUSNESS which is my prayer need momently and It is working wonders in my life.

    Stay tuned!

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