Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 28, 2010


I read a recent article about Haiti in our local newspaper, The News Press, with the headline:  “As tragedy unfolds, the faithful question God’s will.”  The anguish of events such as the earthquake in Haiti evokes strong feelings and questions.  Two of the central questions are: how can God allow such pain and suffering?  Is this God’s will?

Such questions are consistent with the typical understanding of God’s will, for humanity tends to think of God’s will as events.  This is what we think, and it is error.

Because we are so oriented toward our outer world and what happens to us, we usually think that the divine will is happenings, events, and circumstances.  The truth is much simpler and more personal than this.  God’s will is to “know Me.”  God’s will is not events; it is an experience of the Presence.  Spirit is asking us, “Don’t you want to get to know Me”?

Consider this question and the answer that follows.  Is it God’s will that I be married to Nancy?  The answer is no.  Remember, God’s will must be the same for everyone, and I do not want every man married to my wife.  God’s will is not localized; it is universal.  For instance, God’s will is that we know the Creator as love.  This is something we can all experience.  Can you see the universal nature of God’s will, and yet how personal it can become?

The earthquake in Haiti is not an expression of God’s will.  Earthquakes happen.  Let us not ask why a tragedy happens.  Instead, let us ask how are we going to help?  The recent events in Haiti do not call for the question why.  They call for compassion and as we experience God’s will as love, compassion will be our response.



  1. Amen!

  2. God’s will can only be personal if God has the attribute of personhood. It is when we know the Creator that we can know the Creator’s love, until then we will tend to either blame God for natural phenomenon or believe He does not care.

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