Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | February 11, 2010

God’s Delight

There is our joy, and there is God’s joy.  I trust you have experienced a joy you can call your own, but do you know God’s delight?  Human delight tends to be rooted in happenings we consider desirable. Joy attributed to God must be different.  Although few of us have ever considered the joy of God, it is an intriguing idea, isn’t it?

What if we could enter into God’s joy?  How would we do so?  What would it be like?

There are individuals who have experienced God’s joy, but each of us is destined to feel God’s delight.  For this, we are made, for we were created to be avenues’ of Spirit’s expression.  God’s delight is in finding an outlet through us into the world.

Dear friend, your true joy does not depend upon happenings; it depends upon you being true to you divine purpose and nature.  When you allow Spirit to pour Itself through you, you will experience God’s delight.  Joy is not infilling; it is outpouring, and the water poured upon the earth is living. It is the presence of God free to flow to the sea and to no longer be contained in the pitcher that is the human mind.

If you had a choice between your joy and God’s joy, which would you choose?  Let me word the question another way.  This, in fact, is a question posed to you often each day.  Is your purpose to have things and happenings come to you, or is your purpose to have the presence of God pour from within you?  Are you an empty pitcher needing to be filled or are you a pitcher filled to overflowing needed to be emptied?


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