Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | February 25, 2010

Do It

I have noticed in counseling many people through the years that most people know what to do; they just don’t do it.  Dear friend, we come complete with instructions. Some of us have even found the instruction manual and read it.  We just fail to carry out the instructions.

There is no great mystery to creative, peaceful, meaningful, joy-filled living.  You will never find a resentful person who has loving, powerful relationships. The past and present are completely different views of life.  The person filled with guilt and regret is powerless because all power is found in the moment.  The past is a valley view and the present is a view from the mountaintop.  Loving yourself is vastly different from trying to find someone who will love you.  Discovering your inner resources is a totally different approach to living than trying to find someone who will do those things for you that are yours to do.

Why don’t we do the things that we know to do, things that enable us to truly live?  What can be gained from a failure to forgive, a focus on the past, or looking for someone to love you?

What do irresponsible people get to do that responsible individuals are unable to do?  They get to complain; they are able to blame people and conditions; they seek to obtain sympathy from others.  Such things do not promote a thriving, joy-filled person.  They enable an individual to cope.  Dear friend, if you want to thrive, do the things that you know are yours to do.



  1. When I read the latest post on your blog I was reminded of what Paul says in Romans 7:18-24. The battle between the good I want to do and the bad I keep on doing, and for him the solution was in “Jesus Christ our Lord” and although I am sure this is indeed the final solution, the actual problem is in the “old natural mind” that contains many memories that need to be re-evaluated.

    Yes we each come into this world with the instruction manual within us, but all too often that instruction manual has been overlaid with mis-information. Those of us who have found the instruction manual have an obligation to others to make it safe enough for them to inspect the mis-information that they have carrried so long, this is the essence of counseling.

  2. I discovered my instruction manual last Friday night at around 12:45 am in the deepest recesses of my mind. There I was restless and wide awake. I knew exactly what I had to do.
    I had to talk with God. The immediate inner peace I felt was remarkable. The prayer/meditation was pure and heartfelt.
    The issues that weighed me down the week before seemed to disappear miraculously.
    This peace lasted for days. Now I have to work on remembering that I know what to do.

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