Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | March 11, 2010

God Is All, God Is Nothing

Mystical insights call for a suspension of typical human thought.  A mystical approach to life requires that we think and at the same time it asks us to cease thinking.

When we encounter a statement like: God is all and God is nothing, we may shake our head in confusion.  How can this be?  A statement such as this asks us to think and yet the insight that can come from our confusion also asks us to cease thinking, to cease our typical, rational thought.  Spirit is constantly calling us to open ourselves to new understanding and then to have the willingness to actually live our lives based on the new insights that are rising from within us.  Obviously, this way of life calls for more listening than rhetoric.

Perhaps your reflective process has yielded some of the following thoughts.  God is all, but God is also no thing.  Spirit may appear in and as our world and even as our physical bodies, but no think can contain the wonder of our Creator.

If we hold to such ideas and allow them to gently hold us, we can come to know that God is all and that God is nothing.  Think and do not think about these things…



  1. To think or not to think – that is the question. Descartes said “I think therefore I am”. This maybe the biggest misdirection man has ever aligned himself with. Should it not be “I am loved therefore I am”.

    Thinking can often separate us from the love of God. God is indeed both every-thing and no-thing.

    I love this Buddhist tale


    • Or how about “I love therefore I am”.

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