Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | April 8, 2010

God’s Reward

It is written that God rewards in secret.  If this is true, why do we insist on looking for God’s blessings in the manifest realm, in the circumstances of our lives?  The conditions of our outer lives are not secret; they are evident for all to see.  Could it be that we fail to receive and fully experience divine blessings because we have not discovered the secret place where our blessings are bestowed upon us?

Such questions open us to new discoveries and spiritual insights.  The secret place is our consciousness.  This is where Spirit does Its work.  Essentially, the Presence gives Itself to us.  There is no greater gift, for It becomes a part of us as our consciousness.

Pray and meditate, dear friend, and give yourself to your spiritual practices, but do not look to the world for your reward.  The first gift, the gift of God, is received in secret, in consciousness, and then through the great law, as within, so without, your consciousness of God will become your life.  In this way the inner becomes the outer.  Only when the gift of God is received in secret is this possible.


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