Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | May 14, 2010


It has been several weeks since I shared a blog with you.  Nancy and I are making preparations to tour the Holy Lands, and consequently our activities have increased.  We have a new insight into time…it is like an elastic bag filled with increasing numbers of events and activities.  Let’s hope it does not burst.  Actually, we are doing quite well, but we are keenly aware of the need for balance.  Activities can increase if attention is given to balance and to establishing priorities.  Some things remain; others are put aside.

Now here are a few thoughts on consciousness…

Consciousness is a key ingredient of a meaningful life.  When Jacob was leaving his homeland because he took advantage of his brother and deceived his father, he fell asleep at a place called Luz.  (Luz means separation.)  How fitting it was that he found himself in this place because he must have felt apart and separate from his family.  He slept and dreamed of angels ascending and descending a ladder to “heaven.”

When he awoke he said, “Surely God is in this place and I knew it not.”  This is consciousness.  He awoke in the morning and a truth dawned in him.  He became aware of something (God’s presence) that was always present.  The experience gave rise to an experience that awaits all of us—God is with us.

In the instance above, consciousness is the revealer.  It is the “glass” through which we see.  We can only see what our consciousness allows us to see.  Through it we see self, others, and our world.

Consciousness is also the mother of action.  We can only do what our consciousness allows us to do.  We may hope to behave differently or to live in a certain way, but consciousness determines the limits of our horizon.  The good news is that consciousness has no bound, for we are becoming aware of Spirit.

Consciousness is the hand that shapes the unseen clay into pottery we can see.  It is the bridge over which possibilities pass and become manifest.

Dear friend, there is so much to become aware of.  Open yourself to the expansion of your consciousness.  Let it grow so large that it encompasses the universe and opens a door to the kingdom of God.


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