Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | July 2, 2010


The past can appear to attach itself to us, but when we look more closely, we discover that the bond is one we have made.  Our failure to forgive burdens us with the past, and day by day it becomes heavier and more burdensome because we are adding another 24 hours to the load we carry.

Traumatic events such as child abuse seems to scar us so deeply that we cannot let go of what has gone before us.  In this regard, time is not a healer.  Time becomes a veil that becomes thicker until at times we cannot see or remember what it was that happened to us long ago.

What can we do?  Is there any way to be free of the past and dwell in the freshness of the moment?  Dear friend, there is an answer—you must become a different person, a person who has never experienced the past that now plagues you.

It is interesting that often when Jesus spoke of forgiveness, He also spoke of prayer.  For Him, prayer was a means to become a new person.  In truth, prayer, an experience of the presence of God, can remake us or perhaps it is best to say that it helps us discover our true identity.

If there is to be forgiveness, we become another person, the person we have always been, a being of Spirit.  Thank God that the events of our lives, neither those we label traumatic or those that we call good, actually touch or make us what we are.  We are spiritual beings, untouched by circumstance and events.  When you discover this “person,” the past will have no power over you, for you will know the timelessness of the moment.  One of the gifts of this revelation of our true nature is a return to love, and where there is love, there is no need to forgive.



  1. ……”You must become a different person”.

    Perhaps the “Christian Fundamentalists” have a point when they say you “must be born again” – born of the Spirit of God.

    I like to see it as not becoming a different person but dropping the persona/personae. A person is what God created us as, our personality is what we make of ourselves.

    To live in “the freshness of the moment” we must be as God created us.


  2. I really like Jim’s insights on this whole veil of insanity that can dominate our minds and lock us out of our reality as it is in the mind of God. I notice how crazy it is that I allow these negative thoughts to populate my mind. Eckhart Tolle says that the way out is to become fully present and be the neutral observer of this little drama machine. It can’t survive in the light of our awakened Christ consciousness. Yet, I must say that I’ve gone through chemicalization times where the cleansing goes deep. It may be uncomfortable, but it is all good. In the end, like Jim said, “One the gifts of this revelation of our true nature is a return to love, and where there is love, there is no need to forgive.”

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