Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | August 6, 2010


We have missed you.  We have been vacationing and celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  It was super.  Now it is back to the joy we love, for our work is a joy.

Since returning, our thoughts have turned to consciousness and the typical emphasis that is placed upon consciousness—“drawing” to us events and happenings.  Many people say our consciousness determines what happens to us.  We say that our consciousness determines how we happen in the world.

The truth is that our consciousness is not alone in the world; it is not isolated from the human family.  We live, move, and have our being in a collective or race consciousness (the consciousness of humanity).  This swirl of thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes is constantly at work on planet earth.  It can influence us and shape our behavior.  The “group think” can be healthy or detrimental to the human family.

Each of us contributes to this collective consciousness, and this is where we can make a difference.  Rather than focus on our consciousness determining what is going to happen to us, we’d like us to consider that one of the primary functions of our consciousness is that it determines our behavior, what we do.

Our consciousness determines how we “happen” in the world.  Dear friend, you are a happening.



  1. Thank you, Jim & Nancy, for your daily inspirations! Re the words for 9/22/10 regarding the difference between urgent and important: I came across this quotation, attributed to “anonymous” and keep it on my desk. “What I do today is very improtant because I am exchanging a day of my life for it.” Keeps me on track and out of the “urgent” field! Love and gratitude from Dee

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