Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 1, 2010

Learning To Live

It has been quite some time since I blogged with you.  I have been on deadline to complete a manuscript and its edits for a new book called The Gathering that is scheduled for publication in January 2011.  It has taken quite a bit of time, but it has been fun to get it ready for publication.  Also, our granddaughter, Kenley Christine (20 months), spent a week with us.  Pure joy! But now we are recovering.

Kenley reminded us of our true nature—we are essentially explorers.  She was into everything.  If she did not like what she was fed she simply explored how it felt, or she tried to determine if it would stick to the furniture.  She mimicked everything in an attempt, we surmised, to experience what she had witnessed.  She read, built things, she laughed and learned new words.

The week was a reminder to be true to our essence.  Dear friend, we are to explore.  I carry with me a little notebook for the main purpose of recording thoughts that come to mind.  When Spirit reveals Itself to me, I want to take note of the revelation.  I value it, for it is the greatest gift I can receive.  For instance, on September 7th I heard people talking about fighting disease and trying to stay alive.  On that day, Spirit declared, “Rather than fight for your life, why not be non-resistant to Me so you can live.”

The truth is that the force of life and the healing powers of the body are natural.  Let us attune ourselves to them.  There is no need to resist or attempt to destroy disease, for resistance is not our work; our work is to “let God be God.”  This is enough.



  1. Wonderful words of wisdom as we experience life, and allow ourselves to be with what comes our way. I love the idea of being explorers, and my favorite word is “wonder” as we explore and are open to new possibilities. Blessings, Sandra

    • Just recentley, I heard someone say, “if you find yourself in a hole,
      Stop digging” AH !

  2. Hi Jim & Nancy,

    Don’t know if you remember me or not, from Raleigh Unity! I have been following you. And in this time of need I have found your blog, and it has helped me so much. I have lost three people first my sister and than my son, and a dear friend with in the last four months or so. Both my sister and son went through three and half years of cancer treatment and of course they didn’t make it. Wow didn’t think I could go on but of course I have. Still a lot of feeling come up when I least expect them and just let whatever I am feeling, just feel.
    As ever julia peach

    • So good to hear from you. I am sorry to hear about the loss you are experiencing. That is what you feel now, and it is so appropriate, but the day will come when the loss will be replace by the memories of how they touched your life. Many Blessings, Jim

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