Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | September 11, 2012

I Have Not Disappeared

It may appear as though I have dropped off the face of the earth, but it is not so.  I am still here although I have been at work on a manuscript, my first novel. It is now complete, and I am in search of an agent. 

Now it is time to blog what has been moving in me. Recently, I shared some thoughts with my friends in Fort Myers about a rite of passage: God Outside of Me-God Inside of Me-God As Me. As I worked with these ideas, I was surprised by some of what appeared regarding prayer/meditation and this rite of passage. 

When we believe God is outside of us, we pray for a miracle. When we believe God is inside of us, we pray to be transformed. When we believe God as me (Spirit expresses as us), we pray to be helpful. It was the last insight that stunned me; however, it makes sense. If we are God’s hands and voice, then we are here to be useful. …so let’s pray to be helpful, to be useful. 


It feels good to be corresponding with you again. By the way, in the coming months there will be changes taking place on the IJ website. I hope they prove helpful to you. 



  1. Hi Jim I was interested in what you had to say on your blog. I am a ChristianScientologist which translates into love and understanding. Yes! our purpose here on earth is to be helpful but that requires understanding and understanding is love made manifest, that is why the Bible says “get wisdom get understanding whatever it costs”. You can see my first attempt at a website at Yours in Christ Pip


    • Thanks for your comment Pip. Love and understanding…two mighty paths. I am with you.

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