Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | September 21, 2012

“Moving Through Life”

The best way to move through life may be to sit down much of the time. Consider entering a beautiful forest with many species of trees, flowers, animals, birds and butterflies. What would be the best way to see these living things? Would you jog through the forest? Undoubtedly, you would see some of what there is to see, but much would go unnoticed. 

If you were serious about experiencing the life expressions and beauty of the forest, you would take time to sit and observe. The longer you sat, the more  you would see. The simple act of watching enables us to see what is present. And it is best to watch without judgment. If you want to discover the essence of a thing, it cannot be tainted by your opinion. It must be seen as it is. In fact, we may declare: it is what it is. 

Dear friend, take time to look around you. For now, your “forest” may be a room in your apartment. Watch the physical world without judgement and eventually when you turn your attention to yourself and to others, you will discover there is more to see than you have ever imagined. 

I carry you in my heart and see you with the eyes of Spirit.  And what do I see? I see the face of God. Jim Rosemergy


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