Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | September 26, 2012

Song of My Heart

One God, many paths is the song of my heart. Even the book of Revelation portrays the New Jerusalem with 12 gates of entry that remain perpetually open. The message is clear to me. There are  different paths, philosophies and religions that lead to a life of conscious oneness with God. If consciousness oneness with the One is our eternal quest then the heart of each path is essentially spiritual awakening. We become conscious of a Presence and Power that has always been within us.
Imagine a world in which the various paths to God supported people in becoming increasingly aware of the presence of God. Dogmas and creeds would fall away. Rather than be flashpoints of conflict, the religions would be in full communication and support as they shared insights into how to best help their followers experience God.
This my personal mission: to be midwife for the spiritual birth of the human family. It is this awakening that changes people’s lives and which will enable us to face the challenges that plague the world. In order to serve in this way, I have to awaken, but I have found that my spiritual life mirrors my physical existence–part of the time I am awake, part of the time I am asleep. However, during my waking hours I walk a path that supports my personal spiritual awakening and the awakening of the world. May your path, religion, or philosophy have at its heart this purpose–spiritual awakening. Then we each shall sing the song of the heart.


  1. This reminds me of a very important verse in th bible that tells us to Love one another. So simple…but complete. I don’t have to change to be loved by you as long as I am practicing love, and Love God with all my heart and mind as much as I can. I am experiencing the sleep…the time not spent with god but with whatever is going on in my world. My thoughts lately have been on the thoughts we don’t think on God. They should be equal.. like the thought on moderation…God half, half on what is going on. We cannot do more than this. Right?

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