Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 4, 2012

A Responsibility Shift

There is a shift happening in me. Recently, I shared a series of nine lessons entitled, “Where Ya At?” Each of the lessons explored a rite of passage, and I asked each person to determine where s/he is in each of the nine rites of passage. Each rite of passage had three parts.

The following rite of passage is causing a shift in me: God Outside of Me-God Inside of Me-God As Me. I am working with the third phase of this rite of passage, and I am experiencing a shift in responsibility. Let me explain.

Each day I meditate upon ideas such as the statement of Jesus. “He who has seen Me has seen the Father.” I contemplate other affirmations such as: I am the place where God appears. Where I am, God is. As I make these statements, my friend, I feel the weight of responsibility to be God’s love in expression, God’s compassion, God’s gentleness as well as God’s fierceness. Can you feel the weight of the implications of such statements? Perhaps St. Francis felt the same weight of responsibility when he prayed, “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”

Please join me in this shift of responsibility. We may feel the weight now, but soon it will be gone as we soar higher into the kingdom of God.



  1. Potent, Powerful, and Progressive…!
    Thank you for sharing such key concepts that assist in raising consciousness. I find this post of special importance today because I too have been feeling a “shift” lately. Over the years I have come to recognize the changing seasons of my own mind and life and now is such a time and your post fits in perfectly to many of the things I have been contemplating!
    Looking forward to more…
    Thank you sir
    Much Love!!

  2. As the cell in the womb divides into two, with no visible brain, the intelligence in that cell knows how to become a baby! How can God be closer than the cells of my body? How can I express God beautifully today? Thanks, Jim! You have been so vital to my spiritual grounding!

    • A beautiful expression of truth. And thanks for the kind words. I love being a help.

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