Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 9, 2012

Standing in the Wind

Humanity’s greatest problem is that we do not understand God’s nature or our own. Here is an example of what happens when we do not know ourselves or our Creator…and there are ramifications.

Many religions believe in a hell of torment and punishment. Hell is necessary, religious leaders affirm, because our nature is evil and sinful. The only way to keep such people in check is through fear of hell and its eternal pain. This means that God’s primary way of leading us to a spiritual life of love and compassion is fear. REALLY?

So here are the lies we are asked to believe. 1). We are sinful and evil while at the same time being made in God’s image and likeness. 2) God seeks to lead us to a spiritual life through fear. I THINK NOT!

Ramifications: 1). It tends to be difficult to approach or want a relationship with what you fear. 2). If we think of our very nature as flawed, we carry a perpetual feeling of brokenness. We tend to not want to probe the inner reaches of our souls, and therefore never find the divine spark that is the truth of our being.

Much of humanity has been living with the above ramifications for thousands of years, and you can see the world a fearful and broken people create. I wonder what the ramifications would be if we believed God’s nature is love rather than fear and that we are not broken, we are divine sparks ready to shine with a light greater than 10 thousands suns. We are divine sparks, and we only need to stand in the wind that will fan our spark into a flame. And by what name will we call the wind? Let us call it truth.



  1. Ideas in the last paragraph were in my thoughts often this day, you put it in words so beautifully. You know that I appreciate your divine sparkles, my friend.

  2. We were studying the book of John in a class today, and this very subject came up. You have described it so well. Thank you!

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