Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 16, 2012

Revelation and Rebellion

Are you aware that wherever there is revelation, there is rebellion? You make a spiritual breakthrough. The feeling of the Presence or the light feeling of no longer carrying a burden propels you through your day, perhaps even a few days, but then the rebellion begins.

The doubt creeps in. You wonder if your experience was genuine. Plausible explanations enter your mind. It really wasn’t God, it was just a thought. Dear friend, when we have a spiritual breakthrough, the ego does not perish. It is wounded, but it lives on and eventually it pushes back. Look for the rebellion, and stand your ground. Spiritual forces are at work in you. Transformation is underway. In truth, the rebellion you feel is evidence that you are growing. Give thanks for the rebellion, for it is a great declaration that your revelation was authentic. Remember, revelation and rebellion travel the same path, the path of spiritual growth and awakening.



  1. It is good to live long enough to get insight into the why of what seemed at the time to be tragic experiences. I am 83 but didn’t need to live this long to understand the why of a five-year “mild chronic deepression” (the diagnosis in my file) between ages 40 and 45. At 37, I had an epiphany. For three years I was in a state of bliss that my husband labeled my “religious nut phase.” I was, during that phase, very active in the Air Force Protestant Chapel program. I invited my mother-in-law to come live wthe rebellion y and the rebellion began.
    My husband and mother-in-law joined together in an unrelenting attempt to transform me into their image and I see now the depression in which I retreated into a deep dark place was necessary for putting a distance between us. Both remained in my life until they died, my husband at age 46 and his mother at age 89. God’s love flowed through me to them even though they continued to affirm that I would be a better person if I would just live by their values. My ego resisted them and thereby brought the rebellion that traveled alongside the bliss produced by the epiphany.

    • Joan, I loved your reply. And I had never thought of depression as a way of creating a needed distance. The spiritual journey is indeed a odd and interesting one. It is a delight to be traveling the path with you.

  2. goose bumps reading this, did not think of showing gratitude to the ego

  3. Yes….I remember Charles Fillmore called it “Chemicalization”.
    I remind myself that a shift is a happening! Yahoo!

  4. It is so important to understand this concept….I always let people know if your affirmations are working anything unlike the affirmaiton will come to the surface to be healed….as I say..”All hell will break loose.” which means the transformation is beginning…hang in will get better…

    • You are right on. It is the experience of doing the work. It is a form of stirring the pot.

  5. I am glad that I now know to be aware of the ego and move on. I don’t have to focus on the ego and the negativity.

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