Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 3, 2012

Take No Thought

I wonder if the best of life comes without thought. It appears Jesus thought so, for He said, “…take no thought for your life…” Breathing takes place without thought and so does the beating of my heart. Breath and my beating heart sustain my physical body. It I try to take control of them, there is little else I can do.

In the past I have given much thought to my life. I was taught that thought has power; hold a thought in mind long enough and it will come into being. This seems to be true, but it does not negate the idea that perhaps there is another way of life.

Here is the way I am going to begin…I am going to “listen for divine thoughts.” Rather than being the originator of my thoughts, I hope to receive divine thoughts. Perhaps they will change my life.

I am like a body of water at rest and that from time to time erupts with water more pure and thirst-quenching than any I have ever drunk before. If I take no thought for my life, perhaps I will be sustained by this living water.



  1. Today I sprung out of bed and said to the lord, I am zestful and full of light and love, it’s going to be a wonderful day……..Thanks Jim, great lesson on Sunday..karon

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