Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 8, 2012

On The Steps of The Temple

Several years ago, my wife, Nancy, and I led a group of spiritual seekers to Israel. One day we went to the ancient steps leading to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Our guide asked us to take off our hats and sunglasses and walk to the top of the steps. I stumbled up the steps and found myself nearly blinded when I reached the top.

I stumbled because the masons who built the steps made them irregular. The reason: if you are going to approach God, you must do so consciously.

I was blinded because of the abundance of light, and what I experienced was a fraction of the light that would have reflected off the original walls. The reason: Spirit is sometimes shrouded in darkness. We cannot see because of the dark or our own ignorance. However, there can also be an abundance of light, and we do not understand. This, too, is a form of blindness. This happened to Saul on the road to Damascus, and it happens to us as we awaken to the wonder of the presence of God.

So remember, we may not see for a variety of reason…because we dwell in darkness or because of an abundance of light. I have experienced both. Have you?



  1. Only the truth can set us free. When the higher light comes, darkness disappears. Your experience is truly a great lesson to the growing mind. Bless you real good.

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