Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 16, 2012

A More Recent Revelation

Recently, I chatted with a gentlemen who was a fundamental Christian. As is often the case with these seekers, there was a focus on hell and damnation. It is amazing to me how a human being can justify a God of love and a God who is willing to torment Its creation throughout eternity. Indeed, humanity is a puzzle.

There is a tendency for us to accept supposed authorities from the  past rather than seeking our own inner confirmation today. For some people, the judgments and opinions of the past work today, but this is a different world from days gone by, and the human family has evolved spiritually during that time.

As I look back on my life, I note that the title of my first book was A Recent Revelation. Little did I know how important the idea of personal experience and individual revelation would be for me and what I teach and try to live. Dear friend, let us consider the wisdom of those who have gone before us, but let us not dismiss our responsibility to continue the revelation of God’s truth and presence. The result might be another book with the title: A More Recent Revelation.



  1. I see the ONE “*individualized as the many” are fighting the strong pull of higher consciousness. It is wonderful to my soul to see so many pulling humanity up and out of self. My soul cries for them as I feel the pain of change in their souls. LOVE is so hard to accept. That Light shines so brightly. Thank you for sharing on FB. Linda

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