Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | November 23, 2012

The Greatest Distance

There are vast distances, the distance to the nearest star is 4.5 light years, but is it greater than the distance between two people who hate each other? And what about the distance to the finish line of a marathon when the runner hits the wall? The distance is perceived to be beyond the strength and capacity of the athlete. Distance can be in time and space, or it can be in our minds.

What of the distance between one who prays and God? In truth, there is no separation. We are as close to God as we will ever be, but we may not  experience the oneness. In a flash, in an instant, faster than the speed of light, we can know God is real, and we are not alone. Loneliness is the greatest gulf, and no person can actually fill the void. When we are with another person, the loneliness can seem to disappear, but it is also true that we can be lonely when we are with another person. This is perhaps the greatest “distance” we can know.

All distance shrinks when we know oneness. We feel the warmth of our nearest star. We forgive and forgiveness shows us how similar we are to the person we dislike. We hit the wall and take another step and soon we know we will finish the race. We pray and God reveals the truth,  “I am with  you always.”



  1. In living in oneness with God,it has helped me to cope, to understand another, to forgive, to let go of : the past, regret , doubt and especially fear. I am certainly a work in progess, but I now have the tools and am learning to use them. I am so thankful and blessed.

  2. I agree that forgiveness is key. Without that we cannot move on.

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