Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 4, 2012

A Better Future

Only humans ask why bad things happen.

They need to ask a different question.


When we are in the midst of a challenge, we do not ask why; we simply do our best to survive the challenge, to get through it. We survive; we breathe and reflect upon the event and our actions. This is when we wonder why, and if we are dedicated to spiritual growth, we want to know if we had a role in the circumstance. Was it something we did or said or an attitude we adopted?  This is a sign of maturity—a responsible person willing to take responsibility for his actions. With responsibility can come guilt, but if it is present, it can be short lived. Usually a person who approaches life this way acknowledges the need for change and commits to the change. Action is taken, and guilt, if present, dissolves.

Other events are different. We wonder about why, but realize that cosmic forces are at work. The storm was too great, or the house was built in an earthquake zone. Sometimes the why rests with another person or the collective consciousness in which we find ourselves.

Asking why is natural, but a better question is: what do I do now? If my best self rose up today, what would I do and what would I say? If these questions can be answered, the best self will emerge from the challenge or the rubble of the fallen house.

The question why points us to the past. The question “what would my best self do today?” roots us in the moment and points us to a better future.



  1. I truly love your words of inspiration Jim, thanks so much for sharing!

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