Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 17, 2012


Newtown and what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School cause many to ask the age old question, “Why does God allow such horrific things to happen?” A reporter posed this question to a Newtown pastor who said that this was not the time to ask this often repeated question. It was a time to comfort the broken-hearted and to grieve.

This spiritual leader was correct. Now is the time to feel, for feeling is part of the path of healing. Here is what I posted on Facebook that day.

As a result of the tragedy in CT, I think that for a time whenever I hear the wind I will think it is the moan of anguish of the parents of the children who have died and of a nation united with them. Whenever it rains, it will make me think of tears, tears I have shed today that are joining the tears on your cheeks. These things will make me remember just how precious are the children and those who care for them.

 I am convinced that out of this will come a commitment and conviction to unite to make a more compassionate and loving society. I could go on, but it is time to listen to the wind and watch for the rain and to remember not only anguish and tears, but the God-given gifts of strength and of peace passing understanding.

And so we feel and in doing so stumble along a path of healing. When our souls are restored, we will eventually return to the off repeated question, “Why does God allow such horrific things to happen?” Healing allows us to add another question, “Can God prevent such happenings?”

Perhaps if we are quiet and responsible enough, we can hear God’s answer, “I do not allow horrific happenings, but, as you know, they are within the realm of human expression, and so only you can prevent them.”



  1. Friend,

    I do not know but I do feel that we have just been given a Message from our Higher Selves.

    The Symbols of Newtown begins with the Communities Name, which is what we seek, New communities that work for ALL.

    That see s the mental illnesses and heals them before they erupt, that takes care of its homeless, that takes time to share and care and to play, sing, dance, walk, ride and altogether act in a harmonious, patient, respectful, courteous way. Allowing space for diversity, embraced by Mother Earth, Mother Nature and the Universes.

    The First letters of the schools name SHE S….equals the feminine energy which needs to be re manifested or is manifesting. Both singular and plural.

    Sandy represents the sleepy seeds we are removing from our sight….to awaken….to see what we have done.

    Adam (Lanza)….. is the old masculine energy which is dissolving, the wounded male energy / ego….the last gasps to reach out for help (delusion). Also innocence lost

    The Children are the innocence lost but now can be reborn into a New Light..

    And the actions by the women, teachers and a Custodian (the new Adam -the new role of the masculine ?) are examples of the Courage to act as women do to protect the innocent. Way showers, pathfinders.

    Newtown is a catalyst for a community, a nation and a world to come together. A Mass awakening has occurred.

    Let us come together. The New Consciousness. The End of the Old World…….. thinking and the beginning of of a New Community a New Age.

    Let us come together in Ceremony in this season and all seasons.

    From Me to We

    Blessings all
    I FEEL therefore I AM

  2. Thank you for this timely message.

  3. It is in the heaviest rains and the blowing winds where light will calm our storm and love and peace prevails. May we find our peace in the sanctuary of our silence within.Thank you, thank you, thank you. Namaste

  4. Perfect and inspiring (message from Jim and response by John Michael)

  5. Perhaps this begins the dawn of our new days…. Could the Mayans have been off a day or two? 🙂 Thank you Rev. Jim and John Michael

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