Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 8, 2013

“In Darkness and Secure”

Often it is in the middle of the night that we feel fear and insecurity. There is something about not being able to see clearly that creates caution in us. Imagine being “in darkness and secure.” This is a phrase I read in Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross.

This Spanish mystic is on to something. There is a security we experience when we know our way and things are as we expect them to be.  However, this security is easily shattered. The sun sets, and the night comes, and we feel insecure.

People who know God know darkness. The psalmist David spoke of God being enfolded in darkness, in mystery. The intellect does not comprehend or penetrate this darkness or mystery.  When we are dominated by the intellect, we do not realize that the mystery and confusion of the darkness is an invitation to experience another kind of knowing, one that brings true security.

Do a strange thing today. Meditate upon the phrase, “In Darkness and secure.” Don’t try to understand or penetrate the darkness. Let it enfold you, for this darkness is the mystery of God’s presence. When you are secure in this dark, you will be secure in the night.  



  1. Thank you. I really enjoyed that reading. Blessings

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