Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 20, 2013

An Old, Old Law

It is ancient knowledge that there are laws governing the thoughts we think. Thoughts may be formless “things,” but they impact our lives. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” In modern times, the principles discovered long ago are restated as the Law of Mind Action, “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Nearly everyone has experienced the growth and expansion of thoughts. For instance, we are sitting with friends, and someone complains about the weather. Another person chimes in while another expresses his regret that the temperature remains below freezing for a record 10th day. One complaint leads to another. This dialogue among friends is an example of thoughts producing after their kind.

 The Law of Mind Action not only works in a group of friends; it is active in the mind of an individual. For instance, a person may believe things are going to work out, so he looks for ways the good will come into being. Even the smallest positive event is encouraging. One positive thought calls for other thoughts of like mind to come close and unite.

We often identify with a gathering of similar thoughts. They become attitudes and beliefs that color our world. When people think of us, they think of the attitudes we hold in mind and express with words.  The ancient wisdom lives today. “As a man thinks in his heart (at depth in his mind), so is he.”

This provides an opportunity for us. By thinking differently, we become a different person, or at least we seem to live in a different world. We behave differently, in alignment with the thoughts we think. In the past, we saw our life as a dead end; now we see doors opening. Our new way of thinking came first, and it seemed to change us.  We began to see a world of possibilities rather than a world of limitation.

This old, old law of mind action has to be discovered by each generation, and each individual has to put the law to the test. In this way, we discover not only the mental laws of creation and their effects; we catch a glimpse of the mind of the Creator. 



  1. This is what i think is keeping our country form thriving. People don’t think it can happen and they are right.

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog with us…

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