Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | March 4, 2013

In The Beginning

God was the beginning when it all began. An order was established that continues to this day. We are discovering the laws that established the order not only in the universe, but in our lives.

Perhaps each day can be a day of creation if God is the beginning. In our way of life, we call this divine order. When we pray, if circumstance and condition are our focus, there will be no divine order. Remember, divine order requires that God be the beginning.

And how do we do this? The answer is that the focus in prayer and meditation and in our lives is a consciousness of God. This is the best of beginnings, the way the universe began, and the way our lives are to begin.

If we have a healing challenge, the focus is not the body, but an awareness of our innate wholeness and the divine life that we are. If the challenge is prosperity, our attention is not given to money or a new job; our attention is given to Spirit as divine source and infinite supply.

Dear friend, let us return to the beginning…God, and in this way, divine order is established and our lives are harmonized and in tune with the Infinite. 



  1. In the beginning is a wonderful place to start. Everything was created by the Word of God if it was not spoken it was not created…by a name we conger up characteristics of that named.

    It is in listening to the thoughts we have passing through our mind, and the words we speak that we too create as entitized manifestations of the One.

    I have noticed how many people worship the Christ instead of following the ‘way’ of Christ. Perfect Health, Healing, peacefulness, surrounds us all the time, it just depends on where we are looking.

    We Hu-mans have created much by the use of words…it is not what goes in our mouths that we should be worried about but what comes out of our mouths…it is amazing what we hear when we start listening to ourselves, every cell in our body is listening.
    Hu was the god of wisdom of the Ancient Egyptians present in everyone, man as a soul is comprised of all the experiences man has with each incarnation.

  2. I am so delighked with your presentation of truth principles. I share with you all your views on all the subjects areas. They are very simplified and practical. The world needs this teaching for it transformation.

    • Thank you, Justice. It is a joy to share the principles as I understand them and try to live them. I am blessed as are you.

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