Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | March 14, 2013

What Kind of Crazy Are You?

Last night during our spiritual class, we talked about a bold statement that seemed too good to be true. It promised wealth and security, healing and wholeness. It was said that you would have to be crazy to believe such a thing. 

Then another idea was introduced. You would have to be crazy to not entertain the possibility that such a statement could be true. The promise was great and deserved to be considered and explored. To dismiss it without consideration was the crazy thing to do. 

So are we crazy to consider the absurd, or are we crazy for not considering the ideas that seem too good to be true? How crazy are you? What is your kind of craziness? 



  1. Crazy enough to believe it is all illusion and we have it all right now,
    Bring it all to truth and you will see it .

  2. The promise of wealth,security, healing and wholeness, oneness…I believe is truth for those whose who seek the presence of Spirit. It takes a bit of practice to know our thoughts without fear and….. I avoid labeling.:)

  3. Craziness is a part of life. ‘Crazy absurd,’ and ‘crazy ideas to good to be true’ (dreams, fantasy, hope) are still part of the spice of life. Enjoy them, use them sparingly. Check in the spice cupboard and see what else is out there, experiment with different emotional spices and find new favorites as you go through life.

    Walking in steps that I have always walked, expecting a different outcome or understanding.. now that is really Crazy.

    I like to enjoy the twists and turn and high and lows that are given to us in only the amount needed to keep this life interesting and moving in a direction that I believe will lead us to our spiritual place.

    I have The Master Chef in my Kitchen, and sometimes, He likes to ad ‘crazy’ into the life mix. He is so good at what He does, I would be Crazy not to try it.

  4. Call it crazy or gullible, but I believe in giving new ideas a fair try. Sometimes it feels like stepping out on a limb. I am crazy enough to be open to having my world view turned around. If there is nothing to lose except my false sense of dignity and possibly everything to gain , why not take a chance? What was the idea?

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