Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | April 23, 2013

There Are No Indians

I am fascinated by questions. The soul’s queries can take us to where we have never been before. Recently, I posed a question to God…what can I do that is most helpful for the healing of the human family and planet earth? An answer came that I am still pondering. CEASE PARTICIPATING IN THE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. WITHDRAW YOUR SUPPORT FROM THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE FORCES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

The reply reminded me of a joke. A wagon train was under attack by Indians. A soldier reported to his commanding officer. “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that our defenses are failing badly. The good news is that there are no Indians.”

We are convinced that evil forces are at work in the world. This belief is central to many religions. The beliefs are so rooted in us that our books and movies constantly portray the battle.

What if there are no Indians, no evil force, that there is only one Presence and one Power? Join me in living seven days in a world without conflict. The world I write of…not planet earth. I am thinking about our souls. Join me…there is no conflict in me and no enemy to defeat. It seems absurd, but what if it is a key to a world and to a people being not just at peace, but being peace?

Please report back on your experience. 



  1. That is a very interesting thought Jim. I’ve NEVER contemplated that. It’s always been black or white / good and evil / good guy- bad guy… why not just GOOD GUY? Positive… Thank you for triggering the concept.

  2. Quite a challenge, especially in light of the current events in this country, and across the world. Every day, while the geographic distance remains unchanged, the spiritual distance between the world’s people is diminishing. Why is that? I think it is the response to the presence of God in all. Some still aren’t recognizing it, but that doesn’t remove the presence, it just gives us a canvas to keep painting the message in new ways that will stir someone’s soul.

    • Thank you, Joan for your thoughtful reply. We are all in it together. Love ya’, Jim

    • Joan, really embraced the visualizing of a New Canvas. We CAN put New Canvas before us every day, well every hour really !
      . . . . . can you believe I just found this Excellent Blog, Rev Jim ? But better Today than … not today ! I’m going to read ALL now !

  3. Profound message. But, now I’m realizing how many times in a day I experience inner conflict – should I eat a cookie or be “good” and eat fruit… does my child need time-out – am I being a good parent?…. that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I am up to the challenge of eliminating what I now see as rampant inner conflict. Starting now, I am peace.

  4. we need to recognize the change in our culture is inminent right now, and to untie fources to realize this, changes the mind of women and men in our planet. thanks for share your thougth. Shalom

    • It is good to see your universal viewpoint. Shalom to you.

  5. I do believe that this denial “There is no conflict in me and no enemy to defeat” could very well be a key to a people being peace.”
    Immediately after reading your blog, I thought of one action I could take to remove an “enemy.” Because the city I live in has appeared to be less safe since the big flood of 2008, I had been leaving my back porch light on all night. I decided that I was defining an enemy by doing that, so I quit leaving it on. Then, for the next three days, I would identify the times when I would begin to feel conflict within or like I needed to attempt to defeat an “enemy.”
    The next two days were awesome because I felt peace. The last two days, I have been back to the recognizing “conflict/enemy.” This morning, I had an aha moment that I would follow up the denial with the affirmation that “There is one Presence and one Power, active in my life and in the Universe.”
    Thank you, Jim for sharing this with us!

    • Hi Kathy, You are certainly placing a practical application on some powerful spiritual principles…an example to us all.

      • Thanks, Jim.
        I appreciate your kind words!

  6. I already live in a world without conflict. I have learned to attend only to my own business and let the reactions of others to me to be their business. Of course I’ve been learning to do this for many decades.

    Having just finished studies with Christina on two of your books, Jim, I can report I was helped greatly by them. At the bottom of page 49 of A Closer Walk with God, you wrote, “…we are able to look beyond appearances to behold the Christ in people who, although made in God’s image, have donned an effective human disguise.”

    I’m now toying with the idea of thinking of life as a Halloween Party at which all the people look like ordinary humans but some are disguised with facial expressions and behavior that hide their true Christ Spirit. We can spot the people who live without disguises by the fruit they bear, fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, humility, and self control. But we might say, if the disguised person were willing to listen, to those with disguises, “You aren’t fooling me. I can see through your anger to your true identity that is based on the love that God placed in you.”

    • Joan ~ a unique concept I shall enjoy using on daily basis. . . when any ‘somebody’ is not particularly showing their most sacred potential… I shall smile and think to Self … ” there is that blessed human being in Disguise of the day” !
      And of course Your line: “You aren’t fooling me” will be added. Your post just proves once again, that humor in the presence of serious, is One glorious way to remember the lessons of a Lifetime. Rev. Jim has known this for decades, as he so often has us Laughing with Gratitude at his lessons !

  7. Dear Rev; the last line of my post to Joan… Please SMILE, I meant, How You, Jim, have us laughing with Gratitude “DURING” so many of your lessons. Gosh I need to proof-read 🙂

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