Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | May 11, 2013

Talk About Confusing

There is much that confuses us…for instance, God’s will. Most of us want to know if what we want is what God wants for us. We want our will and God’s will to be aligned. And to make it more confusing, we usually think that God’s will is circumstances. It is God’s will that I work at a certain place or be married to a particular person? But what if God’s will is the same for everyone? What if God’s will is not circumstance, but a way of life? 

This I am prepared to believe. Please consider with me that God’s will is joy, oneness and thankfulness. Imagine the forces of the universe aligned so I can experience joy, a consciousness of oneness with all, and gratitude. 

An idea like this one needs to be put to the test. This I am doing. Please join me. I accept nothing less than a life of joy, gratitude and oneness, and none of these qualities of soul require a particular life circumstance. They are God’s will for me. This is enough. 

How grateful I am, how joy filled I am, how one with you I am…the confusion is lifting because God’s will for you is the same as God’s will for me. 



  1. I am happy to share Gods will with you…beautiful.

  2. Just by being, I AM the living will of God.

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