Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | May 23, 2013

It Is Amazing Part I

You would think that people would rejoice to know that God is not separate from us, that Spirit is a part of our very being, that God can be experienced now rather than after death, but instead many people cling to what they have been told and refuse to adopt the way of the explorer. Why do you think this is so? 

You would think that people would rejoice that God does not us punish in eternal flames, but loves us unconditionally; that hell is not a physical place, but a consciousness of separation and a symbol of the important part of the spiritual journey called purification. But instead people cling to hell and the unreconcilable belief that God that is Love Itself can also inflict eternal pain upon Its creation. Why don’t members of the human family rejoice in this new understanding of hell and God’s love? 

Sometimes it is easier to cling to the illogical and to hold to the beliefs of ancient people than it is to explore the possibilities that new insights provide for us and demand of us. It is amazing, isn’t it? 



  1. *Genius is all I can say. Thanks dear friend.*

  2. Yes, I think it is amazing and am grateful that I accept Love Itself.
    Each of us is in the place of consciousness that we are, and I look forward to critical mass being reached in the belief that God is All and IS only good.
    The world will be a place of peace.

  3. I AM THAT I AM….I am God using my eyes, hands and heart!

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