Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | July 11, 2013

8 Words and a Pathway to God

I recently posted a random series of eight words: Observe, Faith, Lift, Listen, Trust, Detach, Focus and Wait and asked my friends to put them in an order that established a pathway for prayer and meditation. There were wonderful replies. I promised that I would give my response and order of words through my blog with some explanation of why I picked a particular word order.

My first two words are focus and lift. Nearly every form of prayer/meditation focuses us and lifts us up in consciousness.

Next, I picked observe, detach and accept. Sometimes we do a prayer/meditation practice at our spiritual community in which we observe with our eyes open. We do not pass judgment on what is seen. We are detached and accepting of what our senses bring to us. Then we close our eyes. This is where it gets interesting. We are now observing our consciousness with its thoughts, feelings, memories and images. However, we maintain a consciousness of detachment and acceptance of the experiences of our inner world.


Now we enter the heart of prayer and meditation. We wait and listen inwardly and trust what we experience. We trust it enough to act on guidance and insights and experiences that come to us.

The great challenge of the inner journey is waiting, but this is where we spend most of our time…waiting upon the “Lord of Our Being,” listening for the still, small voice and trusting what comes enough to let the prayer/meditation become our life. This is the moment when we can declare one of my favorite truths—My life is a prayer that God is praying. More on this subject in a later blog.  



  1. Eric Butterworth said, “Permitting the flow of universal power to direct the conscious mind is imperative if we want to rise to the full potential of our genius.” Prayer and meditation are essential in attaining this.
    Love and Light to you, Jim!

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