Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | October 27, 2013

The Fourth Watch

It is reported that Jesus walked on the water and joined His disciples in their boat during the fourth watch. Each evening was divided into four watches of three hours each. Jesus came late in the night. Prior to his arrival, the disciples battled the wind and contrary waves. They must have been exhausted. Imagine struggling at sea for 10 hours.  Along with their exhaustion, there was probably fear.

Why didn’t Jesus come earlier? Why is it that when we see the presence of God, it is at the last hour when we are fearful and exhausted? A possible answer…because we are now ready to be helped. During the prior three watches, we are confident in our abilities. We can do it. There is no humility. During the fourth watch, we are humbled, open and receptive.

Of course, dear friend, I am not writing about a time of day; I am writing about a state of consciousness that is ready and inclined to the indwelling God. Perhaps it can happen earlier in the day, but it will always be the fourth watch, for it is when Spirit’s work can be done.




  1. It’s hard to believe you wrote this just before you started with your heart journey. We are now humble, willing and accepting. Love you. Karen

  2. Wow! We are being led when we least expect it.

  3. Thank you Diane in Memphis, TN In the 4th Watch.

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