Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | April 23, 2013

There Are No Indians

I am fascinated by questions. The soul’s queries can take us to where we have never been before. Recently, I posed a question to God…what can I do that is most helpful for the healing of the human family and planet earth? An answer came that I am still pondering. CEASE PARTICIPATING IN THE BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. WITHDRAW YOUR SUPPORT FROM THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE FORCES OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS.

The reply reminded me of a joke. A wagon train was under attack by Indians. A soldier reported to his commanding officer. “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that our defenses are failing badly. The good news is that there are no Indians.”

We are convinced that evil forces are at work in the world. This belief is central to many religions. The beliefs are so rooted in us that our books and movies constantly portray the battle.

What if there are no Indians, no evil force, that there is only one Presence and one Power? Join me in living seven days in a world without conflict. The world I write of…not planet earth. I am thinking about our souls. Join me…there is no conflict in me and no enemy to defeat. It seems absurd, but what if it is a key to a world and to a people being not just at peace, but being peace?

Please report back on your experience. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | March 14, 2013

What Kind of Crazy Are You?

Last night during our spiritual class, we talked about a bold statement that seemed too good to be true. It promised wealth and security, healing and wholeness. It was said that you would have to be crazy to believe such a thing. 

Then another idea was introduced. You would have to be crazy to not entertain the possibility that such a statement could be true. The promise was great and deserved to be considered and explored. To dismiss it without consideration was the crazy thing to do. 

So are we crazy to consider the absurd, or are we crazy for not considering the ideas that seem too good to be true? How crazy are you? What is your kind of craziness? 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | March 4, 2013

In The Beginning

God was the beginning when it all began. An order was established that continues to this day. We are discovering the laws that established the order not only in the universe, but in our lives.

Perhaps each day can be a day of creation if God is the beginning. In our way of life, we call this divine order. When we pray, if circumstance and condition are our focus, there will be no divine order. Remember, divine order requires that God be the beginning.

And how do we do this? The answer is that the focus in prayer and meditation and in our lives is a consciousness of God. This is the best of beginnings, the way the universe began, and the way our lives are to begin.

If we have a healing challenge, the focus is not the body, but an awareness of our innate wholeness and the divine life that we are. If the challenge is prosperity, our attention is not given to money or a new job; our attention is given to Spirit as divine source and infinite supply.

Dear friend, let us return to the beginning…God, and in this way, divine order is established and our lives are harmonized and in tune with the Infinite. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | February 14, 2013

What Are We Thinking?

Don’t you find it interesting that in the creation story found in chapter one of Genesis, God declares creation good. In fact, we are called good as well. So far, so good. Then we come to the story of Adam and Eve and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. As you will recall, we are told not to eat of this tree. In other words, we are not to label things as good or bad. Perhaps our best declaration is: it is what it is. 

As you know, we fail to heed God’s guidance, and we eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We start labeling things good and bad. If you look closely at the story, you will discover that the first thing labeled “evil” is ourselves. Many of us have been thinking of ourselves this way ever since. Is it wise to label something evil that God has created and called good? 

Notice that we don’t call anything evil until we eat of the tree of the knowledge… In fact, the roots of this event are so deep that they are part of the dogma of some religions. 

Let us return to the beginning and withdraw our labeling of self as sinful and evil. How dare we call evil what God has called good! Dear friend, start with yourself today. You are not birthed in sin. You are birthed out of the goodness of God, and no declaration of man or dogma of the church can change what God has made. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | February 1, 2013

Wisdom of the Wise Ones

The oldest living things on earth have a message for us. When you have lived as long as the Redwoods, you are wise. Let us heed their wisdom.

A group of children were touring the Redwood forest with a ranger. They looked up in an attempt to see the top of the trees and nearly toppled over. One child said, “They must have deep roots. They are so tall.”

The ranger answered, “Actually their roots are shallow. They grow so tall because they hold onto each other. The roots are intertwined with one another.”

There it is…the message. The Redwoods stand so tall because they stand together. They hold onto each other; they support one another. Can you imagine the accomplishments of the human family if we followed the example of the Redwoods? Is there any problem we could not solve?

Dear friend, if you are facing a challenge, don’t go it alone. Ask for help. Reach out with your roots and allow other “roots” to become intertwined with yours. Then you will be able to grow and stand tall. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 20, 2013

An Old, Old Law

It is ancient knowledge that there are laws governing the thoughts we think. Thoughts may be formless “things,” but they impact our lives. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” In modern times, the principles discovered long ago are restated as the Law of Mind Action, “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Nearly everyone has experienced the growth and expansion of thoughts. For instance, we are sitting with friends, and someone complains about the weather. Another person chimes in while another expresses his regret that the temperature remains below freezing for a record 10th day. One complaint leads to another. This dialogue among friends is an example of thoughts producing after their kind.

 The Law of Mind Action not only works in a group of friends; it is active in the mind of an individual. For instance, a person may believe things are going to work out, so he looks for ways the good will come into being. Even the smallest positive event is encouraging. One positive thought calls for other thoughts of like mind to come close and unite.

We often identify with a gathering of similar thoughts. They become attitudes and beliefs that color our world. When people think of us, they think of the attitudes we hold in mind and express with words.  The ancient wisdom lives today. “As a man thinks in his heart (at depth in his mind), so is he.”

This provides an opportunity for us. By thinking differently, we become a different person, or at least we seem to live in a different world. We behave differently, in alignment with the thoughts we think. In the past, we saw our life as a dead end; now we see doors opening. Our new way of thinking came first, and it seemed to change us.  We began to see a world of possibilities rather than a world of limitation.

This old, old law of mind action has to be discovered by each generation, and each individual has to put the law to the test. In this way, we discover not only the mental laws of creation and their effects; we catch a glimpse of the mind of the Creator. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | January 8, 2013

“In Darkness and Secure”

Often it is in the middle of the night that we feel fear and insecurity. There is something about not being able to see clearly that creates caution in us. Imagine being “in darkness and secure.” This is a phrase I read in Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross.

This Spanish mystic is on to something. There is a security we experience when we know our way and things are as we expect them to be.  However, this security is easily shattered. The sun sets, and the night comes, and we feel insecure.

People who know God know darkness. The psalmist David spoke of God being enfolded in darkness, in mystery. The intellect does not comprehend or penetrate this darkness or mystery.  When we are dominated by the intellect, we do not realize that the mystery and confusion of the darkness is an invitation to experience another kind of knowing, one that brings true security.

Do a strange thing today. Meditate upon the phrase, “In Darkness and secure.” Don’t try to understand or penetrate the darkness. Let it enfold you, for this darkness is the mystery of God’s presence. When you are secure in this dark, you will be secure in the night.  

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 27, 2012

Lines in the Sand

Long ago and yesterday, we thought the way to bring order was to practice an “eye for an eye.” What you do to me, I do to you. Perhaps this approach to life indicated our first discovery of karma or was it the discovery of our oneness with each other? That what we do to another, we do to ourselves. 

One great truth prevails…we are one with each other. Vengeance binds us to one another and so does kindness and compassion. Vengeance blinds us, and kindness opens our eyes. An eye for an eye draws a line in the sand and dares you to step over. Kindness and compassion draw a line as well, but it is a circle and within it is the human family. 

Choose-eye for an eye, karma or oneness. When our eyes are open, we see each is an opportunity to discover the greatest truth…we are one. 

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 17, 2012


Newtown and what happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School cause many to ask the age old question, “Why does God allow such horrific things to happen?” A reporter posed this question to a Newtown pastor who said that this was not the time to ask this often repeated question. It was a time to comfort the broken-hearted and to grieve.

This spiritual leader was correct. Now is the time to feel, for feeling is part of the path of healing. Here is what I posted on Facebook that day.

As a result of the tragedy in CT, I think that for a time whenever I hear the wind I will think it is the moan of anguish of the parents of the children who have died and of a nation united with them. Whenever it rains, it will make me think of tears, tears I have shed today that are joining the tears on your cheeks. These things will make me remember just how precious are the children and those who care for them.

 I am convinced that out of this will come a commitment and conviction to unite to make a more compassionate and loving society. I could go on, but it is time to listen to the wind and watch for the rain and to remember not only anguish and tears, but the God-given gifts of strength and of peace passing understanding.

And so we feel and in doing so stumble along a path of healing. When our souls are restored, we will eventually return to the off repeated question, “Why does God allow such horrific things to happen?” Healing allows us to add another question, “Can God prevent such happenings?”

Perhaps if we are quiet and responsible enough, we can hear God’s answer, “I do not allow horrific happenings, but, as you know, they are within the realm of human expression, and so only you can prevent them.”

Posted by: Jim Rosemergy | December 4, 2012

A Better Future

Only humans ask why bad things happen.

They need to ask a different question.


When we are in the midst of a challenge, we do not ask why; we simply do our best to survive the challenge, to get through it. We survive; we breathe and reflect upon the event and our actions. This is when we wonder why, and if we are dedicated to spiritual growth, we want to know if we had a role in the circumstance. Was it something we did or said or an attitude we adopted?  This is a sign of maturity—a responsible person willing to take responsibility for his actions. With responsibility can come guilt, but if it is present, it can be short lived. Usually a person who approaches life this way acknowledges the need for change and commits to the change. Action is taken, and guilt, if present, dissolves.

Other events are different. We wonder about why, but realize that cosmic forces are at work. The storm was too great, or the house was built in an earthquake zone. Sometimes the why rests with another person or the collective consciousness in which we find ourselves.

Asking why is natural, but a better question is: what do I do now? If my best self rose up today, what would I do and what would I say? If these questions can be answered, the best self will emerge from the challenge or the rubble of the fallen house.

The question why points us to the past. The question “what would my best self do today?” roots us in the moment and points us to a better future.

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